Company Culture|

Concept or Prospect

Attitude Concept (start): Deliver a better life with technology.

Market Concept (External): Reserch and develop with client to creat a win-win No.1 Market.

System Concept (Interal): Altruism and coexistence, implementing double harvest to employee spirit and material.

Social Concept(Terminal): Kind to others, benifit society.

Prospect: Become the World brand in China.

Operation principals:

1 .Explicit the purpose and significance of career, and explicit the experience concept of the


2. Make a clear goal,followed by PDCA Circle with arrangement.

3. Have an intense and persistent aspiration

4. Survival of the fittest methods. Work in 8 hours for survive, work over 8 hours for development.

5. To maximise sales, minimize cost, realizing management mode as the same as Alibaba's operation

6. Pricing and operating-Products innovation ability and customer orientation

7. Steely Strong volition- Information is the most important to success.

8. Ignite high morale -Insist in implementing PK culture

9. Operating enterprise, courage and strategy for management issues.

10. Continually innovate, striving for excellency, seeking progress day by day.

11. Compassionate, honest and faithful (four principles for communication:Communicate sincerity;

      long-term development; mutual benefit; brainstorming)

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